Mediocre:Road to Nowhere

The Road to Nowhere

As kids, we’re all told we can grow up and do anything we want. Not exactly the case as most of us realized when we got to adulthood. Now for some of us, that hasn’t exactly been true. We have pushed ourselves to learn skills that have proved successful in some aspects, while some may not have produced the results we would have expected. Continue reading

make an effort

With Effort, Great Opportunities Can Be Closer Than We Think

Being involved in my second venture in as many years with up and going, and my increased activity as an angel investor, there isn’t much downtime these days. But that’s how I want it. I want to be pushing on any and all opportunities to work with great people and see where those relationships lead in the years ahead. Continue reading

piles of money

Times are Changing for Investors

Having been around the investing landscape for close to 20 years now, I can tell you that we are seeing rapid changes in what investing options and choices are becoming available. I certainly don’t think stocks and bonds are going to ever get displaced as the prime choices for most, but there are alternatives out there and more are arriving as we speak. Continue reading