Sold to You

Josh Brown (aka “Reformed Broker”) posted an interesting note yesterday describing the recent money flows occurring in the markets. From the looks of it, institutional money is apparently cashing out its chips in the markets, as retail investors significantly raise their exposure. Continue reading

long term thinking

Outlasting Everyone Else

In a fast-paced world of seeking rewards rather quickly, the best performers tend to be around for much longer than their competition. Having the patience to see the initial vision take hold, albeit a business endeavor or investment opportunities, is the key to outperformance. Continue reading


The Disruptor or the Disruptee

Plenty of industries are being demolished these days. Silicon Valley is taking aim at more and more industries and the outcome shift is about to become seismic. I just came across this piece that could spell the ultimate end of realtors – It won’t happen overnight, but if you ignore these anecdotes and make a living in real estate, the result could be disastrous. Continue reading

supply and demand

Eventually Supply/Demand Matters

With the IPO frenzy continuing, stock investors are enjoying some solid runs in new issues we haven’t seen in over 15 years. Not since the late 90′s have we seen the plethora of new offerings coming public. The reality of the IPO window is that it will eventually shut. Continue reading