The Smokescreen of Investing Coverage

The business news coverage almost never disappoints when it comes to the nonsense spewed. As the markets started tanking again and approaching the key technical 200-day average for the momentum-heavy Nasdaq index, market commentators pointed to the news in the Ukraine for the main reason investors were feeling nervous. Continue reading

mystery door

How to Break Through

Many of us can have successful careers following the routines that should reap obviously good benefits over time: do well in school, go to college, pick a major where job growth is consistently growing, spend less than you earn, save and invest in solid blu-chip companies month after month and year after year. There is plenty of other things we can throw in there, but you get the picture. Continue reading

edgardo alfonzo thank you mets fans

The Utility Player Approach to Long-Term Success

I was listening to an awesome interview this past weekend on Ed Randall’s “Talking Baseball” radio show in which he interviewed former Met Edgardo Alfonzo. The interview was chock full of stories from Edgardo’s rise up in the organization and more importantly, his ability to keep an open mind to how he could have a long career in baseball. Continue reading